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[IP] Our First Sick Day

We went through our first "Stomach Flu" episode this weekend since our son
started pumping two months ago, and I cannot tell you what a difference it was
to have him on the pump.  We were able to keep all his blood sugars in his
target range, and were able to be much calmer regarding his inability to take
on or keep down carbohydrates.  His basal rate did well for him, and I feel he
is recovering faster than when he was on injections.  As for myself, I am much
less wrung-out and for the first time felt were had some control over the

Another note, since starting on the pump our son has remarked that the one
good thing has been the control, but he has never been that sold on being
"hooked up" and did not mind the daily multiple shots.  When we saw his endo
last week for a follow up, she asked him how he liked the pump, and he told
her honestly he likes the control but still was not totally comfortable.  As
he was walking out the door, the doctor countered with, "well, what if I told
you I would like to take it away from you for two weeks",  and he turned
around and said she would not be able to come up with any good reason as to
why, and that she couldn't pry it out of his hands anyway!  
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