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Re: [IP] Rough Day

Bagwill Family wrote:

> Tammy,
> Vent away.  This disease can get us all down.  For example, Friday I screwed
> up on a bolus (took too much for unexpected high sugar) was all of a sudden
> staying around 50 no matter what I seemed to eat.  Went on line and luckily
> Sara (yes, the infamous Sara!) was online and because we are both attached
> to AOL instant messaging she helped me and talked me through it for almost
> an hour.  She was really helpful just by being there and understanding what
> I was talking about.  Thank you Sara!!!  I think all of us feel that we
> think of nothing else but our diabetes at times but . . . that's life.  Hope
> you are feeling better about things by now.  Take care.
> Leslie
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Thank you all for understanding how I feel.  My bg is doing much better today .
I have had diabetes for 23years .  Some days are just better than others.

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