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Re: [IP] Batteries

> Where do you guys get your batteries from???

I get my daughters from MiniMed. 
Here is the problem.
All the batteries are made in the same factory to the same specs (for 
each mfg). The difference is in the storage and handling of the 
batteries. The one's you get from retail distribution may have been 
stored at extreme temperatures (hot) in moist conditions (they 
corrode, then run down) or for a very long time (they have a 
relatively short storage life). My experience with Eveready has been 
particularly bad and is similar to yours. I have actually taken new 
batteries out of sealed plastic packages that exhibited subtle 
"green" fur signs of corrosion. I sent a whole box back to Eveready 
of brand new batteries that were "shot" - two weeks max in the pump.

My experience with retail purchase of other brands has been good, 
with batteries lasting a minimum of 6 weeks. The ones from MM seem to 
always be good AND if you purchase them with other supplies, they 
will bury the charges in such a manner that insurance will usually 
pay the tab.

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