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Re: [IP] Erica...again!

My son Rick, inserts the set while sitting.  He is skinny and he can get a
better pinch of skin when sitting.  He only tapes the front down then pulls
out the needle.  When the needle is out, he stands up and tapes the rest
down.  He also found that the tape pulled when he stood up if he stuck it
down while still in a sitting position.  One other thing is once the needle
is in he lets go of the pinched skin before taping the front down.  Hope it
The Verreault Family
Borden, Ontario, Canada
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From: Duck And Barb <email @ redacted>
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Date: March 28, 1999 10:03 AM
Subject: [IP] Erica...again!

>Hi everyone,
>This is such a simple question ,but one I never thought to ask before.
>For those of you who have children on the pump, do you have your
>children sit down, lay down, or stand up.  Is there a benefit to a
>certain way?  I find that when Erica is standing she flinches away from
>the introducer needle (of couse what child wouldn't).  I was just
>wondering if it was easier having them lay perhaps on a carpeted floor.
>We did her first insertion while she was sitting, that wasn't so bad,
>but she found the tape caught some excess skin and felt like it was
>pulling (which it was).  Since then we have been having her stand up,
>but I read somewhere about a parent who had her son, very young, lay
>down for his insertion.
>An interested family is coming over to our home sometime next week as
>they want to hear more about Erica's pump and our success....knock on
>wood.  Things are getting  more balanced in the BG readings.  Yesterday,
>was a more laid back day, and her blood sugars were..starting at 3am..
>171, 60, 126, 124, 106, 126, 92, 124.  So, we all feel GREAT.  That was
>a day without too much exertion, although when she was running around a
>little in the afternoon she said she did feel a little low and had 3
>dextrosol.  She is very hypo aware...another knock on wood!  Obviously,
>she will have to drop down much more for those really busy days when she
>is outside playing for hours.  0.0 as a temp basal rate might become a
>reality soon!
>tks pumpers!
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
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