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Re: [IP] Erica...again!

   Can't answer your insertion question, but just wanted you to know that
Ellen (KidsRPumping webmaster) forwarded your wonderful story to me & I've in
turn forwarded it to my "cybercircle". One of those who received it has a
"20-something" daughter who's had diabetes since she was 18 months old & has
had a very difficult time of it. The mom thought your story was so amazing
that she's hoping it will convince her daughter to re-consider. And another
mom of 2 older teens with diabetes also wrote me that she printed out 2 copies
& left it on her kids' desks. So bravo to you for capturing so eloquently what
life was like on MDI & how it's already being transformed thanks to pump
therapy.  I assume you're sending Michael your story for inclusion in the IP
kids page too??? As I just wrote to a friend who's daughter just started
pumping, even when things DON'T work right with pump therapy, unlike MDI,
there's always about 10 other avenues to pursue such as square wave bolus,
temp basal, mixing insulins, changing insertion sets, changing sites, bolusing
earlier or later, re-checking basal rates via fasting...etc.....all of which
negates that helpless, frustrated feeling that accompanied my own daughter's
inexplicable highs on MDI, despite our "best" efforts.
Regards, Renee
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