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[IP] Re: Tee shirts

This is in response to the lister who had ideas for a pumper's tee-shirt
design.   I think it's a great idea -- tee shirts are rife in every
category and people seem to love them.  (Just think about the ones you
already own yourself -- everything from where you've been on vacation to
favorite products and cute sayings.)   I remember once seeing a shirt that
said something like "Pump it up!"   Can't remember if it was for pumpers or
just for exercisers.   However, I can't for the life of me find it now.   
It would be so cute to wear, especially for exercising or with jeans.  
Anyone out there who has seen it?   

The clothing now available for pumpers really seems to lack much style!  
Hopefully, there will be more items created in the near future -- CUTE
pj's, more choices of shorts/pants with inside pump pockets, etc.    
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