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Re: [IP] Batteries

Cathy Hickey wrote:
> Hi this is pumpgirl from Sunny Sydney.  I just wanted to check with you
> guys about batteries.     When I got my pump I used the batteries that
> Minimed gave me and they lasted roughly 8 weeks.  Then I bought them
> from Tandy (an electrical store here) and they only lasted 4 weeks. So
> after several goes of this I bought the next lot from a camera shop
> across the road and they lasted just ONE week.  So I rang Vicki (Hi
> Vicki)  my Rep. from Minimed and she explained that I could get them
> from Minimed and they should be o.k.
> Where do you guys get your batteries from???

The thing about batteries is that they lose power after sitting on a 
shelf too long. Then when you buy them and use them thinking they are
NEW they don't last as long.

When MiniMed supplies battery packs they are usually fresher than
what you buy in a local electronics or photo store, because they need
to stock many kinds for all uses and don't necessarily sell many of 
what YOU need for the pump. 

There's 2 answers to this, you can buy them from 1 and ONLY 1 local source
after making sure they know they need new stock (or you keep buying them 
there until they run out and hopefully get new ones if THEIR supplier didn't
leave them sitting on a shelf somewhere....) or buy them from MiniMed. 

In the USA new batteries have a "Sell by..." date on them. I don't know 
if they do so in your country, but look for it. If so find the batteries with
the highest (farthest away) date and your battery usage cycle should improve.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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