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Re: [IP] bent cannulas

> How does the cannula get bent.  Is the chance of bending less in one
> set than the other.  I will be starting on insulin on Monday and am
> nervous about non- delivery.  When I changed the last set I did
> notice that the cannula of the silhouette was bent. 

It does not happen often, and usually happens because it just doesn't 
go in right and you don't know it. Or you wiggle around weird and it 
moves a little, the tip gets caught inside (like pushing a string) 
and it gets a little bend. Usually no big deal, but ooonnncccce in a 
while it breaks (metaphorically speaking). Once my daughter even 
managed to have a Tender pop out. Don't know how she did it the darn 
thing is over an inch long, but she managed it.

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