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Re: [IP] Ecuador

> I will be in Ecuador for the whole month of June.  First we will be
> in the Amazon River basin.  Hot and steamy.  Then back in Quito,
> which is two miles high, for excursions higher into the Andes.  Does
> anyone have any experience at high altitudes?

Not much will change for the pump part of what you are doing. Other 
changes will occur that affect flatlanders whether they are diabetic 
or not.

You will become slightly dehydrated at altitude and..... don't forget 
to take some prunes (heh... heh...). Drink lots of water (the bugs in 
it will loosen you up if the prunes don't, NO, seriously, the change 
in altitude really does change your blood chemistry slightly and you 
loose fluids. After a time you aclimate, but in a short stay you 
probably won't, nobody does. Other than that have fun. If you chicken 
out, send me the ticket!


Michael <email @ redacted>
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