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[IP] Insurance Companies

    With reference to the problems of insurance/diabetes.  Insurance
companies, in my experience, have been either one extreme or the other.
This is what happened to me:
    I have been a pumper for a little over three years.  When I first began,
I only had benefits through my husband who is serving active duty in the
Navy.  They paid for the 80% of the cost of my pump leaving me with the 20%.
I understood this from the start and accepted responsibility.
    Here I am, three years later.  Now I have my own insurance coverage, a
point-of-service program highlighting high on education/diabetes.  When I
sent in my "survey", they waived the education requirement and provided me
with a brand new blood glucose monitor . . .I already had one, a slightly
better model.  When I spoke to them and explained that I already had a
monitor, they told me they would bring another monitor of the same type . .
.they understood the need to have a spare.
    Well, on top of this, my physician's office was encouraging me to
attempt to get the new 507C.  I doubted very seriously that my insurance
company would provide me with another pump when I already had one.
    Was I ever surprised!!!  They not only provided me with a new 507C, they
paid for it in full and included a full year's worth of supplies.  Needless
to say, I was thrilled.
    Now, here I am, recuperating from ankle fusion surgery (which went VERY
WELL, by the way).  When I found myself faced with an abrasion over one of
the incisions, thus causing a deep serious wound, my podiatric surgeon (whom
I love and respect dearly) ordered that I be placed on an instrument called
a "wound vac".  The insurance company denied it.  It wasn't until the doctor
went and explained that this instrument would most certainly PREVENT
infection and serious complications to a DIABETIC patient, that they
approved it.
    A month later, no infection, a happy doctor, a very pleased patient and
a very understanding insurance company later, I should be walking on this
"new ankle" by the end of the week.
    It's the same old thing.  Some of our doctors, no matter how much we
like them, don't know enough about diabetes to go to battle for us.  Or,
they don't know the right "battle terminology" to make the insurance
companies listen.
    Whoever is "fighting" an insurance company, DON'T GIVE UP!  They need to
be made aware of what's going on in the field of diabetes.  We've all come a
long way.
    "I might die with it but I sure as hell ain't gonna die from it!"
    Jane Dohrmann CPS   email @ redacted

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