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Re: [IP] My response to Pump group:Diabetes & Doctors in the "dark ages"

I was having BG readings over 300 and I was taking 6 shots per day, and using
more than 150-160 units of 70/30 per day and supplementing with 20+ units
Regular .  My hbA1c reading was 10.9.!  I heard about the insulin pump and
asked my doctor about it...Her response was "Oh! YOU don't need that!  Don't
worry about it!"  With increased insulin usage, my weight was also starting to
creep up, again, her response was "Don't worry about it!"....but hey I WAS

I was already checking on getting assigned to a new physician when my
insurance company changed January 01, and I HAD to choose a new doctor.  On my
first visit with my new doctor, one of the 1st things she asked me was "What
do you think about going on the insulin pump?"....At last!  Someone who will
talk to me about it!  My appointment with this doctor was on February 5....by
February 25, I inserted my first infusion set!...My new insurance company
believe in the pump! and it only took me 20 days!

When the R.N. came to my house to show me how it worked and showed me how to
insert the infusion sets, I mentioned to her what my PREVIOUS had said about
the pump.  I came to find out that this R.N. does all the infusion education
in this county, and she'd NEVER had a referral by this particular physician!

I'm tempted to go to this doctor's office and say "SEE what a pump can do for
your patients!...I now have BG averages of 150....and for the first time in
years, I actually have had readings of 91, 94, and 98!  I have also reduced my
total insulin usage from 
180 units+ per day to 85-90 units of Humalog per day!  "WAKE UP AND GET OUT OF

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