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Re: [IP] My response to Pump group:Diabetes & Doctors in the "dark ages"


My dad is still with a doctor that is using conventional insulin therapy.   His
bg runs anywhere from 250 up.  When I told him about the pump I was getting and
how it worked he said maybe I should do that.  I should have gone to your doctor
there.  I don't think his doctor even knows a pump exist and if he does he
thinks it is for the seriously brittle diabetic.  My dad is already on
disability for Heart Value Transplant, diabetes and high blood pressure, has
lost site in one eye. But they still have him on 2 shots a day (r/n)  It's not
doing him any good.  I'm thankful that I found a doctor that when asked about
the pump was honest enough to say he didn't know anything about it and sent me
to someone who did. 

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