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Re: [IP] Need Help Again

Hi Ronee...I have been on the Minimed 507c for 3 weeks now.  I have gotten the
total process of inserting a new infusion set down to 15 min.  One thing that
helped me, is to watch the instruction video and take notes.  I wrote down the
process step-by-step and paused the video long enough to write down the step.
I am also using the Sof-serter.  I find have found it very easy to use.  If
you'd like I can send you by email, a copy of my step-to-step process.  Just
send me a message to email @ redacted

In a message dated 3/27/99 12:29:50 AM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hi everyone.  I just changed my infusion set for the 2nd time.  It ONLY
 me 1 3/4 hours.   Good thing I'm still on saline.  Last time I used the
 silhouette which I liked.  My CDE insisted I try the Softset (her choice).  I
 have a few questions.
 1.  I had a hard time pushing the reservoir in place.  Is it supposed to be
 to the end or slightly forward?
*This depends upon how much insulin you are putting in the reservoir.  If you
are putting in more than 100-150 units, the top neck of the reservoir will be
sticking out of the end of the pump.  If you are using less, the top neck of
the reservoir will be placed into the top lever. 
 2.  The first time I tried the soft set applicator I pushed the button (after
 five minutes of getting up my nerve) and the needle fell on the floor.  Then
 had to start again.
*  When you place the soft set into the sof-serter, make sure that the tubing
goes into one of the open grooves in the sof-serter.  This is to make sure
that the injection process is smooth, and that the soft-set slides off the
sof-serter.  Make sure the sof-serter is placed straight out from your body
before you press the button.  I ususally have the button in the locked
position until the sof-serter is placed against my skin, then I move the
putton to the unlock position and press. 
3.  Does the tubing go under the tape.  I can't see how it could go over it
 but it is pulling the tape up.
*The tubing is usually placed where it comes from the bottom of the soft-set
instead of the top.
 4.  The instructions say to pull the white tab off.  What about the beige
 I didn't see any  mention of what to do with it.
*The beige tab is there to help you when you want to remove the soft-set when
you are ready to change it.
 I would have just stuck with the silhouettes but minimed failed to send me a
 box as promised.  They are sending it overnight today so I should get it
 Monday I go on insulin so I better get my act together before then.  Thanks
 for your continued help.  I hope one day to be in a position to help others.
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