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Re: [IP] Protein diets

    Just an FYI on high protein diets:  if you have been diabetic for a
significant amount of time, you will start to accumulate (even if you have
no actual complications) minor deterioration of some body functions.  This
doesn't get "measured" until you have actual complications, but research
shows that it can be spotted in those with reasonably good control in as
little as 5-10 years.  If you have been diabetic longer than that and have
any signs of complications, high protein causes a lot of stress on your
kidneys.  (Reasonable amounts are fine -- its the high protein that appears
to be dangerous).
    This of course needs to be factored in to your control.  Some people get
much much better control when they use more protein.  Many do not.  If
eating more protein allows you to keep your bgs between 70 and 120, then you
are probably doing more to save your kidneys than avoiding the protein.  If
it doesn't, you may want to be careful.   As always YMMV.

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