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[IP] basal rates

With the combination of beautiful weather and lots of activity now that
Erica is not aware of the pump being attached, she can be EXTREMELY
busy.  Her basal rates now are set at .4 from 9:30pm till 12:30pm as she
is usually less active at this point and she doesn't seem to be
exhibiting a Dawn Phenom.  From 12:30pm -9:30pm her basal rate was set
at .3/hr...she is using Humalog but yesterday we were giving her
activity snacks and treating lows all day.  (she was outside all
afternoon and early evening) Are there many children out there who have
a daytime basal rate of .2 or .1?  It is difficult to do the fasting
blood sugars tests as we can't get in a good vanilla day(yet).  We did
manage one, and it did show that .4 was a good basal rate for the night
from supper time till morning.  But since then,I have had to reduce the
early evening basal rate to prevent lows. She was originally on one
basal rate of .4.   Erica weighs 75 lbs and we started off with a carbo
bolus ration of 18/1....Even with the reduction to a basal of .3 for the
active part of her day, she was still running low and I chanaged the
carbo ratio to 20/1.  Today, a Saturday, should be a test.  I thought
perhaps, that when she is outside playing, we should reduce the basal
rate to .2, temporarily, then when she is less active go back to the
basal rate of .3.  Geez, these young ones are so unpredictable.  Do some
people just change carbo ratios for active days, rather than changing
the basal rates?  I don't want to make a change in the carbo ration
again until I see the result of the temporary basal rate. This morning
she was 7.0 when she had her late breakfast, I bolused for 20/1 for
carbs and she was 6.9 two hours later.  I felt good about that
one.....exercise seems to be the key here...time will tell.
Any thoughts???
Barb......we are still flying HIGH and feeling FINE!

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