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Re: [IP] Just venting too!

email @ redacted wrote:
>         I'm sorry to hear what your insurance is putting you through.  Diabetes is
> tough enough without some ignorant insurance exec. telling you what you don't
> need.  We are in a similar situation with my son right now.  Yesterday I
> thought I was at rock bottom, but I know for his sake I have to step up the
> fight and make sure he gets a pump.  Steven is 8 and has severe asthma along
> with his diabetes.  He takes 3 asthma meds per day along with 4 shots.  Due to
> his meds (sometimes on prednisone) and wheezing, he frequently has wild BG
> swings and develops ketones very frequently and easily.  We are only at this
> "fighting with insurance" stuff for a month now and my nerves are running raw.
> I have 3 diabetic children out of 4 and I'm a type 2, both my son and I have
> severe asthma and now the insurance is trying to tell me that I should have no
> problem with giving 6 or more shots to my 8 year old on a daily basis!  What
> kind of a life is that for him?  We had an incident two weeks ago when he had
> a severe asthma attack where his blood sugars ran in the 400's-500's (many of
> them off the meter---over 600!) with moderate to large ketones.  This happened
> for 3 days straight!  Our endo had us beeping him every 3 hours to try and
> keep him out of the hospital. 

Seems your answer to the insurance company is simple enough: whenever such
happen BECAUSE they won't let him get a pump, put the boy in the hospital! At
X hundred$/day for them to put you through this, make THEM understand how 
expensive THEIR lack of care will be TO THEM!!!! Then tell them this should 
only happen every 2 months or so for the rest of his life........

Ted Quick
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