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Re: [IP] Need Help Again

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> 1.  I had a hard time pushing the reservoir in place.
>  Is it supposed to be up
> to the end or slightly forward?
It is hard to get the resevoir in but the clear neck just below the part
where the tubing screws on should fit in the slot, don't forget to lift
the little metal clamp but i have to give it a good push to get mine

> 2.  The first time I tried the soft set applicator I
> pushed the button (after
> five minutes of getting up my nerve) and the needle
> fell on the floor.  Then I
> had to start again.
 Make sure it is locked in (you here a click when u push it down) and
that the tubing end is facing the floor

> 3.  Does the tubing go under the tape.  I can't see
> how it could go over it
> but it is pulling the tape up.

I put the tubing under the tape, i use the tape that comes with the
tubing plus another tape sheet without the hole and sometimes put a
small piece of regular medical tape over the bottom of the tube to keep
it from coming off
> 4.  The instructions say to pull the white tab off. 
> What about the beige tab.
> I didn't see any  mention of what to do with it.

The beige part stays on - that is the sticky part that holds it to your

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