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[IP] re: protein

have you tired eating protein on its own without carbs?
For me carbs + protein = big spike.
But protein on its own is more of a very slow rise for me which I guess you might be able to cover with a higher temp. basal rate. 
As a pure protein snack I would have something like half a small tin of
tuna, or some low-fat hard cheese, or a small pot of low fat fromage
frais (some carbs in that but it doesn't spike).

Just a thought. YMMB of course.

If you do not know already I have a terrible time covering f
at and protein. 
I can eat any simple carb and have no problem with my bg exc
ept maybe a 
low. I spoke with my CDE yesterday and we both agreed that I
 have to get my 
protein intake up, to add back the weight I lost as well as 
to have a 
healthier body. I also need more protein to accommodate exer
cise. I 
currently eat only 6 to 8 grams of protein a day and many ti
mes much lower. 
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