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Re: [IP] Just venting too!

On Fri, 26 Mar 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

> >We had to take out a loan to buy my very first pump..We said, blankty blank
> we'll do what we have to...
> Thanks for the encouraging words.  I'm going to have a pump, no matter what!!
> My case is in medical review. I can't say enough nice things about minimed
> they are really pushing the insurance company and doing their best to educate
> them. They have been keeping me closely updated. If I have to pay for it
> myself, Ill find a way.  I'm ready and willing to fight insurance to the
> end!!!!  I WIILL HAVE A PUMP!! again thanks!
Doesn't matter what they say, don't give up. Insist on speaking to the 
appeal person in charge and make sure they understand that you have read 
the policy and NOT found where is says that pumps are not covered. It is 
a standard treatment. Make sure they understand that your next stop is 
the state insurance commissioners office, right after you turn the matter 
over to your attorney. DO IT. Unless the policy specifically excludes 
pumps, you have a right to standard modern treatment.

The wooden leg story:

if you lost a leg, would you accept a wooden peg leg from your insurance 
company. Sure it works, you can hobble around on it. But.... it is not a 
modern "acceptable" prothesis. We're not talking experimental, state of 
the art here you know. There are people on this list that have been 
pumping OVER 20 YEARS! This is a standard medical protocol.

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