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Re: [IP] Need Help Again

Hi everyone.  I just changed my infusion set for the 2nd time.  It ONLY took
me 1 3/4 hours.   Good thing I'm still on saline.  Last time I used the
silhouette which I liked.  My CDE insisted I try the Softset (her choice).  I
have a few questions.

1.  I had a hard time pushing the reservoir in place.  Is it supposed to be up
to the end or slightly forward?

2.  The first time I tried the soft set applicator I pushed the button (after
five minutes of getting up my nerve) and the needle fell on the floor.  Then I
had to start again.

3.  Does the tubing go under the tape.  I can't see how it could go over it
but it is pulling the tape up.

4.  The instructions say to pull the white tab off.  What about the beige tab.
I didn't see any  mention of what to do with it.

I would have just stuck with the silhouettes but minimed failed to send me a
box as promised.  They are sending it overnight today so I should get it

Monday I go on insulin so I better get my act together before then.  Thanks
for your continued help.  I hope one day to be in a position to help others.
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