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Re: [IP] Just venting too!

We had to take out a loan to buy my very first pump..Doc said I eneded
iut..insurance said no..we said Blankty Blank we will do what we have to. And
we did and it was something we never regreted. We took a loand and bought a
used one. That saved my lifel Now mt doc wanted me to have dual wave bolus
feature and the Disetronic I was using didn;t have that and our new insurance
covered but if it didn;t we would have borrowed the money...Don;t give up..if
you need to find a way to get your pump you will find it. Hang in there!

At 09:22 PM 3/26/99 , you wrote:
>I know what you are saying!!!!!!  I was on a Minimed pump 504S for 10
years it
>broke first of January.  Great way to start the year.  So I figured I would
>get a new one rather than fix the old one.  My insurance feels I don't
need it
>6 injections a day should take care of my diabetes. I would like one of them
>to live in my shoes for one day and then tell me 6 shots a day will work.  My
>doctor is in shock he doesn't understand when he says I need it why they will
>not pay for it.  We are in review now doc has written another letter of need
>and my eye doc has written one also, I had two bleeds in my eye since Jan.
>never had one while I was on the pump.  I will continue to fight for a new
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