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This is going to be a trial and error thing.  Based on personal experience,
I suggest that you focus on the following factors in figuring out how to
adjust for Ryan's exercise:

1)  Try to have exercise not follow too soon after a meal bolus.  (This is
especially important if the pumper is on H.).   The exercise makes ANY
insulin in the body extra potent.  With the pump, however, you don't have
long-acting insulin in you and you can control the amount of insulin
"lurking" there much better.  Waiting till a meal bolus works itself out of
the system means that you have reduced one variable and only have to worry
about the effect of exercise on the basal insulin.

2)  Control that basal insulin by disconnecting or implementing a temporary
decrease  before the exercise.  This is a YMMV thing but the concept is the
same as above.  Insulin in the system works much more efficiently during
exercise so you need to reduce the basal amount accordingly.  The trick is
figuring out how much.  I disconnect 1 hour before exercising, but I am 35
years old, not in high school.  Ryan's MMV.

3)  Further control the basal by disconnecting or setting a temporary
decrease during and after  exercise.  Same as above.

4)   Ratchet down carb/unit insulin meal boluses for the rest of the day
after exercise.  The body remains sensitive to insulin for some hours
following exercise.

5)  If you have problems of lows during and after exercise, try whole (NOT
2% or skim) milk before the exercise.  The fat causes the sugars in the milk
to absorb gradually.

For example:  I try to eat lunch at 11:00 and run for 1/2 hour at 2:00 every
day.  When I stick to this regimen I disconnect at 1:00, drink milk at 1:30,
exercise at 2:00, and stay disconnected till 4:00.  Then, my evening meal
ratio is 1 unit H/17 g carb (normally 1:14).  This is an individual thing
and is no doubt different for a high school kid compared to a 35 year old

It takes time to figure this out .  Personnally, I believe too high is
better than too low when it comes to exercise.  Start gradually, and work
your way down to good sugars.

Good luck


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