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[IP] Protein diets


There are 3 protein diets out "there."  They go under the names of
Atkins, Eades, or Bernstein.  Bernstein specifically uses this approach
for diabetics.  My doctor liked much of what Bernstein had to say in his
book, "Diabetes Solution," and recommended I try a higher protein diet
to try to reduce some of the highs and lows.  Incidently, my highs and
lows are less severe than before pumping, but they still exist.  On the
other hand, my lifestyle is pretty hectic and may make highs and lows
hard to avoid.  Anyway, I went from a diet of 3000 cal (this maintains
my body weight of 175 lbs.) made up of 300 gm carbohydrate to a diet
intially at 150 gm carbohydrate and ultimately down to 75 gm
carbohydrate.  All of this was done with a constant 3000 cal total.  I
tried this for 5 weeks.  After 4 weeks on the diet, I had some blood
work done for a doctor's visit and it included my lipid profile.  I was
shocked; my cholestrol went from a "normal" of 150 to 180!  This was the
end of the diet.  The other issue was that my highs and lows were pretty
much unchanged.

I guess that this sort of diet may have some merits, but it is difficult
to work out this many calories with such a low carbohydrate level. 
There is so much fat in the diet that the higher cholestrol is not too
surprising.  The other thing about the diet is that eating this "high"
on the food chain is fairly expensive.  May or may not be an issue. 
Anyway, those are my thoughts, if you have any other questions or want
to talk more, feel free to email me.

Good luck,

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