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Re: [IP] Atkins Diet???

Well Paula....
I will say that most dietitians cringe when you mention any high protein and
moderate fat diet. As with anything else in medicine, each person is
individual and what may be appropriate for one, may not be so for another.
One of the major concerns about this type of diet is kidney function.  If
kidney function is ok, then maybe one could try it for a while.  Usually,
though, people with diabetes (especially type 1's) should not "over-do"
protein.  Since they usually have diabetes longer than type 2's, I believe
that we should do things to preserve kidney function (no NSAIDS, limit
protein, limit alchohol consumption). A diet high in protein is controversial
and there are many opinions out there.  Mine happens to be that it is OK for
type 2's that have normal kidney function and who are obese.  One theory about
why a high protei diet works in these people is because with type 2's, they
still make insulin--although they do not use it effectively.  By decreasing
the amount of insulin required(~60% of excess protein can covert to glucose
vs. 100% from carbs) you decrease the amount of circulating insulin and the
potential for fat weight gain.  Although many type 2's require insulin they
still make insulin thus have high levels of circulating insulin which
contributes to weight gain.  So....
My opinion is...for type 1's...NO
for type 2's......probably if the kidney function is good (which only a MD can
tell you after testing a 24 hour urine---not a blood test).
Hope this has not confused you!! Good luck!
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