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Re: [IP] Exercise

This isn't quite the same but my 16 yr old son went snow tubing a week ago.
He ate supper at 5pm took his normal bolus.  He tested at 7:15 just prior to
tubing.  He was 4.5 (73) he ate about 20gms CHO and disconnected.  After
being disconnected I decided he should get back on.  At that point I
realized that the pump wasn't in any danger during the tubing so he
re-connected.  He continued sliding for another half hour.  At 9:30 we were
home and he tested at 4.3.  His normal basal rate at that time was .9 units
per hour.  I don't know if this helps but it is one example.
The Verreault Family
Borden, Ontario, Canada
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Date: March 26, 1999 5:16 PM
Subject: [IP] Exercise

>My son, Ryan got hooked up two days ago, and so far he's doing great. We
>are still in the fine tuning stage, but he just loves it. This afternoon we
>went to have the site changed. Ryan did it while the CDE talked him through
>it. Although it hurt going in he was fine after a few minutes. With all the
>excitement there, I forgot to ask one of my questions. Maybe one of you
>experienced pumpers or parent of one can help. Here it is: Tomorrow at
>12noon he has a basketball game. He wants to sleep until 9am- 9:30, eat
>breakfast, and play his game, which will be about 2 hours after breakfast.
>He wants to eat lunch after he plays. His normal breakfast bolus is 6.0
>units, should I drop it down to 5.0 because of the exercise? The CDE wants
>him to disconnect while he plays, too, since it can get very physical out
>on the court. He will only be disconnected for an hour. Any thoughts on
>this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Susan
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