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Re: [IP] Exercise

> My son, Ryan got hooked up two days ago, and so far he's doing
> great. We are still in the fine tuning stage, but he just loves it.
> This afternoon we went to have the site changed. Ryan did it while
> the CDE talked him through it. Although it hurt going in he was fine
> after a few minutes. 
Make sure and put 2-3 ice cubes in a baggie on the insertion site 
for 3 - 5 minutes before doing the insertion. No pain, no strain.

> With all the excitement there, I forgot to ask
> one of my questions. Maybe one of you experienced pumpers or parent
> of one can help. Here it is: Tomorrow at 12noon he has a basketball
> game. He wants to sleep until 9am- 9:30, eat breakfast, and play his
> game, which will be about 2 hours after breakfast. 
When sports and food come together, it can be tough. His breakfast 
wants to be "regular", nothing he does not usually eat and "known" 
characteristics for his post-prandials with those foods.

> He wants to eat
> lunch after he plays. His normal breakfast bolus is 6.0 units,
> should I drop it down to 5.0 because of the exercise? 
Probably not.

>The CDE wants
> him to disconnect while he plays, too, since it can get very
> physical out on the court. 

>He will only be disconnected for an hour.
> Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Susan
Depending on the level of activity, his bg's could go up or down 
dramatically. You will have to experiment with this. The guide lines 
my daughter use are as follows. If she is high and has bolused down, 
AND has confirmed she is comming down, she will play with bg's of 
180. Glucose goes IN if her bg's are 80 or below. 100 to 150 is nice.

Your son should check an hour before the game in case his bg's 
are out of wack. This will give him time to fix things up if 
necessary. He should be in the 100 to 150 range with a target of 
120 for starters (whole blood readings, not plasma). He should 
check again just before the game and at half time. Correcting up or 
down as necessary. You will find out after a few games if he burns 
more or less energy in the game than the matching missed insulin 
(during the disconnect). Then you can alter the regemien to match 
his requirements. If he goes high in the hour or so after the game, 
he should bolus for the expected high at half time since it won't 
show up until the game is over. If he is stable after the game, he's 
a winner, doesn't matter what the score is!!! If he goes low, just 
make sure there is a snack with high glycemic food available after 
the game, crackers, powerbar, something like that.  After a lot of 
physical activity like a tournament with many games in a day, his 
insulin requirements will probably drop for a day or so. Be prepared 
to lower night time basals by a tenth, maybe daytimes too.  

Lily has seen both ends of the spectrum. Until this year, she 
consistently would go low during soccer games and always ate glucose 
or crackers at half time. This year, she starts to just go up by 
halftime and will be high by the end of the game so now she boluses 
at half time for the expected high. The level of play is tougher now 
than before, I don't get it, but it works!

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