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[IP] Exercise

My son, Ryan got hooked up two days ago, and so far he's doing great. We
are still in the fine tuning stage, but he just loves it. This afternoon we
went to have the site changed. Ryan did it while the CDE talked him through
it. Although it hurt going in he was fine after a few minutes. With all the
excitement there, I forgot to ask one of my questions. Maybe one of you
experienced pumpers or parent of one can help. Here it is: Tomorrow at
12noon he has a basketball game. He wants to sleep until 9am- 9:30, eat
breakfast, and play his game, which will be about 2 hours after breakfast.
He wants to eat lunch after he plays. His normal breakfast bolus is 6.0
units, should I drop it down to 5.0 because of the exercise? The CDE wants
him to disconnect while he plays, too, since it can get very physical out
on the court. He will only be disconnected for an hour. Any thoughts on
this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Susan

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