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[IP] Re: Information

> I am a member of the Insulin Pumpers and I need your
> help. 
> I am not able to sit at my computer and digest all of the
> information at your web-site. I particularly need the information in
> the HowTo (basal rates, blood-sugar to insulin, blood sugar to
> carbohydrates, and use of the ratio calculator). Is there a printed
> format of this that I may have?? or purchase?
> I appreciate your help in this matter.

All of the HOWTO's and FAQ's that do not contain graphics have been 
put on-line in "text" form. You may download and print them by 
clicking the "(text version)" link next to each hot link where a text 
version is available. 

For those FAQ's and HOWTO's that contain graphics, I suggest you 
print the pages of interest directly from your browser. Many of the 
documents of this nature contain on-line tools that can not be 
printed in a regular text document, therefore I can not make them 
available in this format.

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