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[IP] quick question on appropriate post-paradials

hi Michael

i had a quick question for you

i just loaned someone my glucose test monitor who is not diabetic
his level was 64 before breakfast and 160 forty minutes after breakfast
he hasn't checked it again yet but i said he should check one hour and two
the post-paradial sounded high to me and he does have some other symptoms
(10 pounds overweight, thirsty a lot).  his doctors continue to tell him he
is not diabetic but i think perhaps the focus is too much on the fasting?
could someone remind me what the post-paradial level should be?  i know
there was a great discussion on this recently but i can't find the post.
thanks so much!

email @ redacted

Kelly L. Shaughnessy
Merrill Lynch Fundamental Equity Research
(415) 274-8294
(415) 274-8255 (fax)

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