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[IP] Protein counting....?

If you do not know already I have a terrible time covering fat and protein. 
I can eat any simple carb and have no problem with my bg except maybe a 
low. I spoke with my CDE yesterday and we both agreed that I have to get my 
protein intake up, to add back the weight I lost as well as to have a 
healthier body. I also need more protein to accommodate exercise. I 
currently eat only 6 to 8 grams of protein a day and many times much lower. 
Since protein and fat tend to spike my bg upwards and keep it there inspite 
of whether I bolus for the high reading, my CDE would like me to increase 
my protein slowly, count the grams and cover 50% of the grams with my 
current unit/carb ration, depending on the meal it would be 1to15 or 1to23. 
I am suppose to add the adjusted amount to a temp basal or square wave 3 
hrs after eating the protein. I realize right now this is going to be an 
experiment and of course I will be adjusting as I go. I would like to know 
how this is handled by some on the list. I know it is YMMV but ideas would 
help. If covering protein like this is strange, please take into account 
that my digestive system is messed up in many ways so it may be a reason 
protein and fat have so much effect on my bg. I am probably the only DMer 
that low carbing has a worse effect on my bg :0)
Thank you and Take Care

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