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Re: [IP]Doctors in the "dark ages"

email @ redacted wrote:
>     I attended a JDF board meeting the other night & was particularly
> intrigued by the comment from a retina specialist on our board.  He said it is
> still appalling in 1999 that patients with diabetes are losing limbs and
> vision because far far too many general practitioners are NOT encouraging
> their patients to be more diligent & proactive about their care. 

Not only that, but because docs only seem to be able to think in
dramatic terms, they will recommend tinkering if they see stratospheric
highs or knock-ya-down lows, but what if your numbers are just a little
bit high, most of the time?

I've only been on the pump a week, and doing pretty well, but when I'm
still running 170 4 hours after lunch or dinner, I don't want to be told
I'm doing great, just because someone else is at 335. 

Seems to me that 4 hours after a meal, I should be back down to
baseline. This has happened both with high-fat (pizza) and high-carb
(Japanese noodles in soy broth with a tiny amount of onions and radish). 

When I asked the nurse to test, just to see what a normal person does,
with pizza, no less, she started out at 77, peaked at 103 an hour after
the first bite, and then was back down to 76 2 hours after eating and
stayed there. 

So it seems to me that the target, at least, should be back to baseline
at 2 hours. Maybe it's impossible, I don't know, but at least it should
be a goal! All I know is that I FEEL better when my BGs stay in the 100
- 120 range -- and although I expect excursions from eating, I wanna get
it down a little faster than 5 or 6 hours!


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