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[IP] My response to Pump group:Diabetes & Doctors in the "dark ages"

Donna (and Tim):
    I attended a JDF board meeting the other night & was particularly
intrigued by the comment from a retina specialist on our board.  He said it is
still appalling in 1999 that patients with diabetes are losing limbs and
vision because far far too many general practitioners are NOT encouraging
their patients to be more diligent & proactive about their care.  He said he
still sees patients that have been led to believe that one shot of insulin (
obviously type IIs) and "maybe" checking their bg once a day is adequate!!!
His point was that along with the emphasis on CURE, there also needs to be
mass RE-education of physicians who are practicing "dark ages diabetes
care"...so that one day when there IS a CURE (G-d willing), these patients
will be healthy enough to benefit from it!!!

Regards, Renee ("pump consultant" to 16 yr old Melissa - pumping 3 yrs now)
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