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[IP] HbA1c test and donation to ADA

While doing some research on HbA1c, I discovered that if we call
1-888-3-REDUCE, we can recieve a free kit about the HbA1c test. The kit also
encourages recipients to obtain a free quiz, "The HbA1c Challenge," which
tests their knowledge of how glyosylated hemoglobin levels provide a
months-long view of glucose control. For each recipient who scores 70
percent or higher on the quiz, Bayer has pledged a donation to the ADA for
diabetes research. I'm going to call but haven't yet so can't pass on any
other details, but any donations for research should be worth taking a few
minutes to complete a test.

I found the above at www.diabetes.com/L3TABLES/L3T102226.HTM.

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