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Re: [IP] Disetronic Rapid Set Bleed

Jack wrote:
>Changed my rapid set tonight.  3rd night.  No signs of trauma through the
>window.  No bruising outside the round adhesive.  When I pulled the set,
>blood gushed out all over my clothes and my hands before I could cap the
>geyser.  Does that happen often?  


This is commonly known as a "gusher" and it can happen with any kind of
infusion set.  I've had it with MM sofsets and silhouettes.  It happens
when you nick a blood vessel.  I had one just a few weeks ago, had blood
all over everything, and a huge welt under my skin. It took five minutes
for it to stop.  I kept peeking under the wad of tissue I was holding
against it, and each time I looked, it spewed forth.  Sara has a really
gross story to tell about her gusher last summer.  Could have been a scene
in one of those teenage horror movies.  It's all part of the game we play,
fortunately it is rare.  I've only had two in my 2+ years of pumping.  Just
be sure to let that site have plenty of time to heal before you use it

Mary Jean

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