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[IP] Just venting too!

>Kevin got his blue D pump...insurance proceeded to tell me admission is not

I joined this group back in january and hoped to be using all this great
informmation and to be able  to contribute to the group.  If anyone had told
me what a long and aggrevating process this could be, I would not have
believed it!!!!  It is nearing april and  Im still waiting for insurance to
make a decision!!!!!!  I have all the meet all the criteria  established for a
pump and they are still trying to decide whether to approve a pump.  It has
now gone in for medical review ,so it will be another wait... Its unbelievable
that they'd rather pay for complications , then prevention.  So, much for
HMO's philosophy of prevention/wellness!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, Im ready to give
them a good fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   thanks for the vent!   
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