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Re: [IP] separate lists

> I vote emphatically NO!!!!  I do not want to receive separate
> digests from
> > 2 to ? lists, for D's, MM's, children, diet, medical news for 
> > pumpers, etc. Anyone could subscribe to 1 or all of the lists, 

Don't worry about it folks. I don't have the time to do this anyway. 
Eventually there will probably be a parents list, but there is not 
enough critical mass to make such a list work at this time. Maybe if 
we had a couple of hundred parents. 

The topics and useful information are the same as for adults. Kids 
are just 'little' people who happen to have diabetes in this case. 
Their needs and problems are the same as the adults when it comes to 
diabetes. They just need a little more help.
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