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[IP] Wild Child!

Hi Everyone,

Just an update on Erica:   Day 8:   Had to reduce her basal rates this
afternoon and will have to reduce them again further tomorrow as she had
multiple lows....not bad ones...she felt them coming on, but we are on
the pump to avoid those not worry about them so another drop tomorrow..

One of the reasons we will haveto drop the basal rate during the day is
that Erica has COME ALIVE!!  Wrestling, bike riding, roughousing with
the neighbours dog, running around, jumping on the bed, took her first
full shower (YAY) and boy has her activity level gone up.  A far cry
from that stiff legged, bent over, tentative child of the past few
days.  If I didn't know better I would think she was on some sort of
drug.  Happy Happy Happy!  Thank you Michael for the little note about
the shower and being waterproof....it made a big difference to her.  She
dove into a dessert she made up at suppertime.  Chocolate ice cream with
crushed oreo cookie in it.  I almost cried when she was eating it.  Pure
Heaven!  This child has one big smile on her face and I can't help but
laugh at her antics.  This has been a day of great sugars, although we
had to treat some minor lows and we are into 2 1/2 days on this site!!
I thought that maybe the reason we couldn't make it past 2 days on the
last infusion set was because of the clog in the cannula....hopefully
tonight sugars will remain stable and we will make the change tomorrow.
If not.....one more sleepless night.

As far as the alligator skin is concerned....I am hoping with the tips
people sent to me that the next one will not seem so difficult.  I feel
so....different.....so free.  I hope it stays this way.  Yes, I know we
will have ups and downs, but today.... RIGHT UP THERE!!

thanks again pumpers

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