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[IP] Fast Take Software

	I just got off the phone with lifescan, and they told me that they
do not have the software as of yet, but took my name-add-phone-email and
told em that they would keep me updated..
	I tried to ask some questions--

cost? no idea rep said " we are still in the dark about that.." 

if it would be compatable with the current one touch software-- rep said
they were trying to do that, but it is in
the process..  

when would it be out?---"still in the dark.  i think when
it hits it will hit, and noone will know it is coming."

I just have the feeling that i am getting hte run around.  I have the one
touch 2, profile, fasttake, (non lifescan made: accu-chek complete, have
had 3 exac techs, one that i dont remember what it was called (was an all
in one thing, lancet and meter..) and had the accu-chek I, II, IIM, III.

Any suggestions? help? hope this helped some of you!

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