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Re: [IP] Reactions to tape


Don't know if this will help, but...
Why do you need a band aid on the antibiotic oinment?  If you are trying
to protect your clothes, put it on before bed and sleep in something
washable it won't hurt.    Using antibiotic ointment every time is not
supposed to be such a good idea for 2 reasons:  1). It toughens the skin
layer (like alcohal does) and 2). over time you will begin to build up a
resistence to it and it will eventually become less effective.  Using it
frequently -- maybe once or twice a month -- won't hurt anything, but
you may not want to put it on every time.   It's a good think to use
when you have those bumps (beginnings of infections).  Adhesive removers
are good for getting really tough adhesive off, but many people develop
skin reactions to them over time.  Many of them also frequently cause
skin reactions.  Baby oil is a safer alternative (if you use it in the
shower you won't have to abraid the site any further by scrubbing with

I spent my teenage years on a pump and (this is pre sof sets, pre
humulin, pre alot of things) had horrible horrible problems with sites.
Funny thing is that I generally don't have allergies.  But, I was
allergic to the tapes and to the bandages (in the early days we used
band aid pad types).   I had a hard time with the old metal needles
which would rub and then make the sites vulnerable to infection and to
the adhesive problems.   Using velosulin (which appeared when I think I
was about 15) helped lots as did the invention of human velosulin, but I
still spent most of my college years with a very painful stomach which I
did absolutely everything to avoid having anything touch.   Over the
years I have discovered that if the tape itches, take it off and find
another kind!  Different people react to different elements in the
tapes, so experiement!   Alcohal or preps with alcohal make your skin
more vulnerable.  I usually use soap and water although the newer
Minimed prep seems to work pretty well.   The more recent products are
much more body friendly and, while some people do have problems, they
seem to be pretty solvable.

Good luck!


Joanne Spotten wrote:

> I have a lot of problems with adhesive allergies so
> the nurse practitioner had me try a cannulla-less
> tender as it is the least likely to cause problems
> in her experience.  I have enough problems I thought
> I out to be sure I could use the pump before getting
> the insurance company to approve it.  I haven't had
> any problems yet, and I am hoping that the adhesive
> used on the tender's is just one I won't have a
> reaction to.
> I started getting some skin irritation when I
> removed the tender that was caused by removing the
> tender, not the adhesive.  Using an adhesive remover
> solved that.
> The only problem I have is if I need to put anti-
> biotic ointment on a site, I have to use a large
> band-aid since even the flexible fabric bandaids
> I can usually tolerate for a day give me problems
> when placed where the tender adhesive has been.
> Joanne
> who whould do almost anything to keep pumping and
> hopes no allergy develops!
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