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[IP] Silhouette

Bert wrote:

>  if you look at the cap for the Sil's, it has a hole in it.  I was reading 
> the docs that come with them and it seems that that cap is used to 
> "guide" a standard syringe into a Sil for non-infusion use 

When I want to shoot me in some HUmalog for a quick drop for a high over 300,
rather than poke YET ANOTHER FREAKING hole in my delicate skin, I will insert
the needle through the cap and on into the catheter which poking into
me...yes, I know I am NOT getting .8 to 1.0 of that "bolus" but I take that
into account...

I never use the cap anymore when I disconnect on EITHER end...just let the
tubing hang NOT in the toilet, and not slather the area around the site with
bacteria filled sludge and I seem to do ok without the cap - OF COURSE - your
personal mileage will no doubt vary greatly...

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