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[IP] separate lists

I vote emphatically NO!!!!  I do not want to receive separate digests from
> 2 to ? lists, for D's, MM's, children, diet, medical news for 
> pumpers, etc. Anyone could subscribe to 1 or all of the lists, 

I subscribe to IP exactly to GET all this info in one place.  I am smart
enough to scroll past posts that I have no interest in...though I must say,
Isure wish I HAD paid attention when the group was discussing other sites for
insertion back in January 1997, cuz in January 1998, I NEEDED that information
for my appendix episide...and I sure would hate to miss out on the info on
Kayla and Stephanie and Megan and Ryan and Erika and Lilly and Spence and
Doreen's kids etc. etc. etc. simply cuz I was not "subscribed" to get the
children's lists...

Sure there is alot to read, but IF everyone would be careful about posting and
NOT reply to entire posts, and NOT send attachments and NOT send jokes and NOT
add 20 lines to their signature line, then MAYBE the digest/email we get would
be manageable EVEN IF our membership is over 1100.

Oh yeah - DON'T ASK TO BE UNSUBSCRIBED HERE - jeez louise...I have crappy eyes
and even I can see the little disclaimer at the bottom of the page on how to
get info on how to unsubscribe...surely you can too ("you" in the general
sense - not "you" picking on any one individual of course...)

anyway...NO I don't want multiple lists...there is already that camels R fun
page for kids and the IP list has its own list for kids...leave it alone!!!

who hates change...
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