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Re: [IP] Silhouette disconnecting

Paul, unless I am misunderstanding you, I think you are making a mistake.
There is no need to reprime the catheter with 0.8 U every time you
disconnect.  The catheter only needs to be primed the very first time you
stick it in.  Then it always remains filled.   Just reconnect and go.  No
	Like Sam I leave the pump running while in the shower.    But even
if you don't, there will only be a tiny bit of air in the needle
(maybe/maybe not), which is probably less than 1/4 in or less than 0.1 U,
so even then, not to worry.

<<<<<<<While we are talking about disconnecting, I have an easy question.
I disconnect before my morning shower.
Prior to reconnecting, I do a prime to get insulin to come back all the way
to the end of the needle.
Here's the tricky part.  I am holding the end of the tubing (the end that
attaches to me) in my left hand.  I am  holding the pump in my right hand.
I have dialed up about .8 units for a prime.  I have both hands at eye level
so I can see when the insulin starts to come out.
What I noticed is that if I raise the pump hand and lower the tubing end
hand, the amount of air in the end of the line gets smaller.  If I raise the
tubing end and lower the pump end, the amount of air in the line gets
What do you folks do when priming just prior to reconnecting?
Paul Delau>>>>>>>>>>

* Wayne *

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