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Re: [IP] Ryan's pump

At 01:59 PM 3/24/1999  susan leahey wrote:
>Dear Michael,  I Just want you to know my son Ryan was hooked up to his
>pump today. He is 13 years old. So far so good. He is very happy with it.
>Please add him to your Kid page list.   Thank you- Susan

If you can give me the email address that Ryan will be using we can sign 
him up on the Young-IPrs list.

If you are all sharing the same address, then just be aware that all of the 
email may get mixed up when it gets to your in-box. The mail header should 
vary, so would be able to tell which is which. However, if your email 
program has filters, it is possible to have his mail pre-sorted into his 
own special folder. I see that you are using Eudora Lite. I use Eudora Pro 
and it does this task just fine. I don't know if the Lite version can do 
the same thing or not, though.

Sam Skopp
Insulin Pumpers Administrator for the Week

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