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Re: [IP] Silhouette disconnecting

"Delau, Paul" wrote:
> While we are talking about disconnecting, I have an easy question.
> I disconnect before my morning shower.
> Prior to reconnecting, I do a prime to get insulin to come back all the way
> to the end of the needle.
> Here's the tricky part.  I am holding the end of the tubing (the end that
> attaches to me) in my left hand.  I am  holding the pump in my right hand.
> I have dialed up about .8 units for a prime.  I have both hands at eye level
> so I can see when the insulin starts to come out.
> What I noticed is that if I raise the pump hand and lower the tubing end
> hand, the amount of air in the end of the line gets smaller.  If I raise the
> tubing end and lower the pump end, the amount of air in the line gets
> larger.
> What do you folks do when priming just prior to reconnecting?

I don't. When showering or whatever I just leave the connector higher than the 
pump and let it keep running. Any excess insulin may run out the needle in
that time, but the higher connector absorbs most of it. It's based on what's
known as "head pressure". A closed plumbing system takes more pressure to raise
fluids than to keep them at the same level, so when I raise the connector I 
have some air showing at the far end of the tube. Then when I bring it back 
down to the same level as the pump it settles back to being a full hose or 
drips just a bit from the continuous running. Click it in place and I'm all set.
No fuss, no muss, no bother.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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