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Hi Linda:  I, too, have trouble with tape adhesives. However, I've had no
trouble with the IV3000 tape included in the Sof-set QR infusion set. For
making the safety loop I use 3M Nexcare paper tape (hypoallergenic,
breathable, for sensitive skin).  I wish I could remember the name of the
Johnson & Johnson tape I tried that was made for use in flexible situations
and for securing tubing.  It was clear and had little breathing holes in it.
DON'T GET IT if you see one that fits that discription.  It literally eats my
skin up. Blisters and itching was AWFUL!  I have good luck with the IV prep
and make sure that I have it in the area that I secure the safety loop, too.
As long as I get the piece of safety loop tape down in the first try - no
moving it - it sticks fine.  (Also, avoid getting it on your set tape just in
case you do have to remove it.  It manages to stick like crazy to it!)  

Take care, Joanne Mc
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