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Re: [IP] Separate lists

At 08:01 AM 3/24/1999  Donna wrote:
>You can sort your own mail by subject by clicking on the subject bar in your
>mail.  I do this so that most of my mail is in the same category.  Sometimes
>pieces of mail will be out of order but it works for me.  I figure Im just a
>at this diabetes thing since I haven't had it long and am still learning.

If I couldn't sort my mail by subject, I'd go totally nuts... it makes for 
much greater sanity. You can read a subject and the responses all in 
sequence and it makes a whole lot more sense. Also, if there is a subject 
that you are totally uninterested in, then it also makes it easy to 
highlight that whole group and zap it all at once. Good tip!!


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