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Re: [IP] Silhouette disconnecting

At 06:20 AM 3/24/1999  Delau, Paul wrote:
>Here's the tricky part.  I am holding the end of the tubing (the end that
>attaches to me) in my left hand.  I am  holding the pump in my right hand.
>I have dialed up about .8 units for a prime.  I have both hands at eye level
>so I can see when the insulin starts to come out.
>What I noticed is that if I raise the pump hand and lower the tubing end
>hand, the amount of air in the end of the line gets smaller.  If I raise the
>tubing end and lower the pump end, the amount of air in the line gets

I've noticed the same phenomena. What I usually do is keep the pump going 
while I'm disconnected. This keeps the pressure up and makes it easy to get 
re-started again... you barely have to prime anything to get the flow going 
again. I also have the pump in it's normal place on my belt (I don't 
reconnect until I get dressed), while I prime with the tubing end at about 
the same height as my infusion set... then I just plug her in. I will often 
give myself a little bolus to compensate for the time I was off the pump.


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