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Re: [IP] safety loop

At 06:54 AM 3/24/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Sam wrote:
>  It would depend on the set you are using... if you are using the Silhouette
>/ Tender, then you don't need a safety loop at all.
>Really?? You know what, our CDE has us doing it backwards then! No loop used
>for sof-sets, but we do use a loop with the Sils? Clarification - PLEASE!!!

A CDE is doing it wrong?? No way!!  :-)

>From what I understand (and I'm certainly no expert) the purpose of the 
safety loop is to prevent the set from accidentally pulling out if the 
tubing catches on something. The Silhouette has a very low profile and 
sticks down really well for me ... I've had some pretty good tugs, with no 
problem (like the time when I went through a doorway and had the tubing 
catch on the door-knob... whoops!!)

 So, I think that this is just a case of whatever works for you. If you 
have no problems without the safety loop, that's great. If you feel better 
having it, go for it. The watch word is YMMV! (Your Mileage May Vary)

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