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[IP] Re: stress and waking up at night was FAQ on Mixing Insulin?

> I am under considerable job stress, but
> don't know how to determine if that is
> the problem.

My basal rates are often affected by stress
so when my stress changes, I watch to see
if I need to change basal rates.  My basal
rates seem to change often, since my stress
level changes a lot, I don't know if its 
stress related or what but anytime bgs are
are puzzling I start logging better and verify
basal rates.

I am currently dealing with a very temporary
situation that spikes my bgs into the low 300s.
Since I can predict the situation, on Monday
I set a higher temp basal and sailed through
with bgs in target.

> My endo wants 3 AM bgs, but the alarm
> doesn't wake me (and seems to wake my
> hubby only long enough for him to shut
> it off).

I have to have the alarm across the bedroom
for it to wake my up enough to test bgs.
By the bed I turn it off and don't remember
doing it in the morning.  Even across the
room I have turned it off and went back to
bed without testing or resting the alarm for
morning, but it doesn't happen often.

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