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Re: [IP] Separate lists

On 23 Mar 99 at 23:59, DIANE MASSEY wrote:

> People would have to categorize their own messages or they would simply
> land in the catch-all called chat.  so if I was answering a wannabe/newbie
> question, I would address it to that list.  I am sure, I would subscribe to
> that list at least part of the time.  there could be a list for 
> newbie/wannabes
> kids
> adult
> complications
> useful info
> chat or general
> Couldn't it be automated?

The problem with splitting up is that you get an incredible amound of 
cross-domain ideas...  something that is mentioned by someone for a child will 
turn out to be extremely useful to a newbie or an adult...  or a comment by a 
parent will cause someone to think for a moment and have a positive result on 
them or someone else...  Categorizing messages is also problematic - if you 
have a message that crosses several areas you have to figure out where it 
should go.  A message that you intend as a pointer to a wannabe may turn out to 
help a long time user resolve an outstanding problem...  

Another problem is that splitting the list would create a "wannabe" ghetto with 
all the would-be pumpers talking to each other, possibly spreading 
misinformation and confusion among themselves...  I've been on lists that have 
split like that and it ends up essentially destroying the overal usefulness of 
the list idea...  People need to be exposed to ideas from everyone...  

One possible solution might be for people to be more careful in posting replies 
to the list - and if it is just a comment directed at a person or two then 
instead of sending it to the list send it directly to the person involved.  
Another idea is for people to respond to Michael's entreaties and update the 
FAQ's to keep them current and create new ones based on ideas that have been 
expressed on the list... even an "edited" archive might be useful as a 
knowledge base that could be searched against before sending a question to the 
list...  Developing that archive would be a time consuming process but would 
have the benefit of putting the combined knowledge and experience of the 
collective into a form that could be maintained and used easier...  Items would 
have to be added to the web site to allow access...

Randall P. Winchester
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